Meaning and Field Adaptation

Meaning Adaptation
In the psychological adaptation as a process called continuous dynamics are addressed by someone to change his behavior, in order to appear consistent relationship between himself and his environment. What is meant by the environment here includes everything that can affect all abilities and powers that surround a person. All this is a very important role to support his efforts to achieve spiritual and physical life that is stable. Environment is divided into three, namely, the natural environment, community environment, and one's own environment.

Natural environment, is commonly referred to as the external environment and everything around a person's form of natural things that are very crucial for life. Examples such as clothing. Shelter, food and so on.

Social and cultural environment, is commonly called a society where a person lives in it along with other individuals, its traditions, and rules that govern relations among them.

And the third environment, the environment is associated with a person concerned. This environment requires a person to get along with yourself and learn how to master and ripens itself.
Thus he will be able to control the desires and demands of a naive and illogical.

Adaptation field

Field for adaptation there are two; namely the nature of personality and the character of community or social. That's what I need to explain as follows:

a. Personality Adaptation
Adaptation of personality, is when a person feels satisfied with herself, or do not force it. or do not hate it, or do not scold him, or trust completely. Someone who is able to adapt to the personal life of the soul will be separated from the various kinds of inner conflicts are accompanied by feelings of guilt, anxiety, grief, self-conscious and so forth.

One important factor that can realize this adaptation field, is if someone can meet impulses from a variety of needs that can please themselves and society at once, or at least not to harm others and not against the measures of community values. If it had been mentioned about the drives, then we should not forget that what is meant is the internal influence that controls and directs us and at the same time can show our disgrace and provide penal sanctions for it to us.

Conversely those who can not adapt himself, he will experience an inner struggle that will confiscate all his ability to deal with hard life. As a result, he seems to be a weak vitality, quickly tired, impatient, not steadfast, and not bothered or lazy. All the conflicts that exist in his mind had taken all her energy. so that it looks very unstable when it must face the difficulties of life. His mind is very easily confused and easily shaken if his soul was hit by a problem.

b. Community Adaptation
Social adaptation is if someone is able to establish social relations that fun with people who associate with him or who worked with him. Such relationships clearly away from feeling oppressed, or from a strong desire to master or hostile to the people who are nearby. Or from a sense of dependence upon them.

Someone who can adapt to society, he will be able to control his lust in a situation where emotions should explode. So he is not easily angered or offended by trivial reasons or who are childish. Or even if he should not he express his anger angry with childish ways. In addition, he is also able to interact with others in a realistic without affected by thoughts and negative prejudices against them. Therefore, people who can adapt to the society referred to as the person who cooked his emotions.