Mental Health and Psychological Adaptation

Parents and educators must know the psychology of adaptation within the scope of psychiatry. This knowledge is very useful for them because it helps to understand the lives of their sons and cope with their problems.

Understanding Mental Health Sciences (dr. Musthofa Fahmi. Mental Health, Hl. 18)
Science is known as mental health, "Science of adapting the soul or the target contiguity and personal union, a person of self-acceptance and acceptance of others against him. all of which lead to the feeling of happiness and delight the soul. "

In accordance with a positive sense in the person of this adapted, can be said that personal like that only comes from the example of mature behavior that could handle any problems or struggles, rather than run away to avoid it.

Characteristics of Positive Behavior
Indeed positive behavior and mature differentiated the following characteristics:
  1. Able to master self
  2. Dare to take responsibility and appreciate
  3. Want to cooperate
  4. Able to love and trust each other.
  5. Able to give and receive And in the same time, someone capable of giving more than he received at the.
  6. Can be invited to cooperate in encouraging the development and progress for its people in particular and for the world community generally.
  7. Want to consider other people can build positive relationships with community members and try to create a sense of saying, understanding and mutual assistance among them.
  8. Able to create targets ambitions, trying to make it happen according to his ability and try to find every way to the best of ability.
  9. Able to deal with the struggle, fear, anxiety and guilt.
  10. Enjoying the confidence and ability to attract others to do the same thing, and success love and appreciate them.
  11. Flexible in the face of reality. This is because basically turns one's behavior is quite diverse. Each behavior should be adapted to existing conditions.
Positive behavior with all its characteristics is able to realize the personal and social adaptation for someone, so he has the ability to adapt themselves to the community where he lived. This could make him enjoy a life free from crisis and anxiety, life is full of spirit and positive things. That means someone must be happy, ready and willing to accept himself, as he is also willing to accept others. Nothing shows attitude clashed with the community. He also does not make controversial social behavior. But do the rational behavior that indicates a balance of emotions, feelings and intellect in various fields.

The figure like that in the view of mental health referred to as a mature figure, because she was able to conquer the factors that caused the failure and despair. In fact he is also capable of mastering the factors that are temporary defeat. He was also able to please the hard struggle of the various problems of everyday life. Such figures are rarely suffered defeat and failure, because he is supported by the knowledge and ability in mastering

Indeed. Such figures must be mature people who have personality, because he has adequate mental health, so that he could live his life with quiet and peaceful harmony. both within the family, school, workplace or society at large.


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