Importance of Education In The Kids And Teens (Part 1)

Man and His Life Phase

The scholars agree that a person's life can be divided into several phases as follows:
  1. From start-birth until the age of two years, called the preparation phase.
  2. From the age of two years until the age of six years, called the beginning phase of children.
  3. From age six to age twelve called the plenary phase children.
  4. From the age of twelve years until the age of fifteen years, called juvenile onset phase.
  5. From the age of fifteen years until the age of eighteen, called the phase of the mid-teens.
  6. From the age of eighteen to twenty-two years, called plenary adolescent phase.
  7. From the age of twenty-two years until the age of thirty years, called the phase of maturity and youth.
  8. From the age of thirty years until the age of sixty years, called the phase of middle age or manhood.
  9. From the age of sixty years and beyond, called the phase of aging.
Obviously, that phase of childhood and adolescent phases described as basic as the formation of one's personality. With the share of aid from the father and the educators who deal with educational interests of children and adolescents, God willing, we will be successful in fostering a healthy youth spirit, mind and body.

When The Right to Education

When a person has entered the phase of a young age, ie after the age of twenty years, but his education in the phase of children and adolescents has not been perfect, it indicates that he has been delayed. And at such times, the treatment or prevention is required, rather than educate.

In this case the noble Shaykh Muhammad Mutawali Sya'rawi said, There is a problem which we would call on young children education. In fact we should say is, prevention of young people. Because clear differences between the educational means to keep the disease and treatment, which means tackling the disease.

If there is illness in young children, know that there is one phase of life that passes without education. And if it is so, then do not you say: Educate him. But let's say. "Treat him."

This is where the difficulty. Why? Because when a young man to the extent of maturity, it requires the emergence of the ego feeling. And this sense of ego that often harm the father, the mother and also the community. Important characteristic sense of ego is like freedom before the fulfillment of the elements in perfect freedom. And that means the damage.

Someone among us deal with children with patience to the limit of a certain age. Then she heard her son begin to dare to oppose his opinion. One day you too can experience it. because it is a possibility that is always open ..

But if the sense of ego can be overcome? If someone trained in phases of education and taught in the teaching phase, of course it can be overcome. But if the second phase of a late pass and a sense of ego obeyed. then the problem started worse. The child will do things that are not good in view of its environment is illustrated in the figure of the assessment of both parents.

Islamic education is intended, if an educator is able to perform its role optimally and professional. An educator will always be dealing with the environment that are needed. One important task of an educator is to move the concept of morality in the behavior of real life.

If an educator is able to perform its role, it means someone who has been trained as a perfect pass through two phases:
Phase of education that is often violated. In this case we do not need to punish yung concerned. but steer.Teaching phase is also often violated. And in this case, we must give to the relevant lesson for the violations that have been done.
If someone finds a good educator figure like this. that means he is in the hands of people who could be trusted. Under the handling of the figure of this educator, an educated child will receive an outpouring of affection. He would not have cheated in the rules of education. One thing that should be known, a protege is like "a mixture" that can be formed according to the desire to educate. And basically, a person's worth is formed with good shape also feasible formed with a bad shape. Because the Prophet said

كل مولود يولد على الفطرة

"Every child born in a state of pure"

To us, he gave the example that someone is the first environment for both parents. So he then said, "Both mother's father was the one who makes it into Christian or a Zoroastrian"

To be continued Part 2
Importance of Education In The Kids And Teens (Part 2)


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